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Die Endabrechnung

A cabaret project that is unique in Germany as a humor location: the Cologne cabaret artist Robert Griess gathers four soloists around him every year in order to guarantee the ensuing finale as an ensemble.

Together they deal with all the madness and nonsense of the year 2023. Up-to-date, varied and ludicrous! Live cabaret based on the motto "He who honors sacred cows is pious. Whoever slaughters sacred cows will have enough”.

Served with all the ingredients that are needed for a hearty slaughterhouse: from the sarcastic stand-up monologue to the satirical mass scene, from the socially critical song to the funny skit, nothing is left out to get the audience going wild for two hours at the highest level.

Robert Griess is one of the most influential political cabaret artists that currently exist and, according to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, has “the quickest and cheekiest mouth in Cologne”. He has been organizing the Schlachtplatte since 2006.

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