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10 Years - The big anniversary tour 2023

A decade of great successes, sold-out concert halls with phenomenal live experiences are reason enough to celebrate this anniversary in a fitting manner. Santiano's huge fan base can look forward to a gigantic 2023, which will be another significant milestone in the band's career.

Santiano © Christian Barz

Exactly ten years ago, "Bis ans Ende der Welt", the debut album of the band from the north of Schleswig-Holstein, was released and laid the foundation for an exceptionally successful career.

Wind-tanned sailor songs in Santiano's typical mix of a rocking sound, unique chorus choirs and emotional lyrics about cohesion, fairness and loyalty are only part of the secret of their success.

Santiano's music effortlessly unites an incredibly diverse audience - grandparents with their grandchildren, families, couples, friends - they all celebrate Santiano's music in equal measure - laughing together, singing along loudly, dancing and celebrating until the very last note has faded away. An experience that cannot be repeated often enough.

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