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Schubert Week

Just a few streets away from Franz Schubert’s birthplace in the Vienna district of Alsergrund, Hugo Wolf died on February 22, 1903. But these two foremost song composers of the 19th century are connected by much more than a biographical coincidence.

Curated by Thomas Hampson, the program of the Pierre Boulez Saal’s 2024 Schubert Week will spotlight parallels and contrasts in their oeuvres and examine the music of Schubert and Wolf in a larger historical context by pairing their works with those of other composers. As in seasons past, acclaimed lied performers and rising young artists will be heard in concerts and workshops.  

In Cooperation with Liedakademie des Heidelberger Frühling Liedzentrums & Hampsong Foundation

- Selected Songs by Franz Schubert, Hugo Wolf, and others

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Participating artists
Samuel Hasselhorn
Ammiel Bushakevitz