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Rico, a Kreuzberg boy from Dieffenbachstraße 93, describes himself as "deeply gifted" because many things "drop out of his head". He has to go to a special needs school and his radius of action is limited. When he meets the "highly talented" Oskar one day, a friendship quickly develops between the fundamentally different boys. But suddenly Oskar disappears and Rico has to throw all fears overboard to save his friend.

The novel was awarded the "German Youth Literature Prize 2009", is considered the best-selling German children's and youth book and is being read in more and more Berlin schools. The theatrical version deals critically with common classifications such as "under-talented - highly gifted" and convinces in the usual ATZE manner with numerous songs.

Set in a detective story, this is about the friendship of two boys who become friends even though they couldn't be more opposites. Both are misfits; one is too slow, the other too fast. Different talents, values and prejudices as well as Rico's relationship with his single mother are other exciting aspects.
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Participating artists
Leonie Arnhold (Regieassistenz)
Silke Bauer (Bühnenbild)
Suse Braun (Kostümbild)
Jasper Diederich Hartwig Nickola (Ton)
Felicitas Loewe (Theaterfassung)
Thomas Lotz (Musikalische Leitung)
Aaron Vorpahl (Licht)
Matthias Witting (Regie)
Thomas Sutter (Komponist/in)