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After the breathtaking, sold-out "Mein Amerika" tour 2017, Philipp Poisel and his band are finally embarking on another arena tour through Germany and have the songs from his latest and 4th studio album "Neon" in their luggage, in addition to his well-known classics. NEON - THE TOUR!

Philipp Poisel
Philipp Poisel © Christoph Koestlin

Now it finally continues LIVE with the same well-known intensity, between energetic pop anthems and Philipp Poisel's intense poetic ballads. The new album "Neon" shows a lot of imagination. It is like a journey to childhood. And so the audience is also taken on this special fantasy journey at the eight live shows, because in Philipp Poisel's songs and at his concerts, cinematic head cinema landscapes are created.

The music narrates the experience. As if by magic, an intensity arises that one can hardly escape. Bright as neon light, as a counterpoint to darkness.

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