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Sarah Kane radically deconstructs the ancient myth of Phaidra and, with abysmal humor, brings it to bear on postmodernity. Hippolytus, the burning stepson of Queen Phaidra, is an anti-hero, addicted to sex, food, and screens, interested only in the power of manipulation, which he equates with truth.

This royal family is scarred by incest and driven by a death wish. Deeply humiliated by Hippolytus, Phaidra justifies her suicide by insinuating that Hippolytus raped her. Hippolytus takes the blame and is barbarically executed by the mob. Only in the pain of torture does he experience himself as a living, free man.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
von Sarah Kane (Autor/in)
Stefanie Reinsperger
Robert Borgmann (Live Musiker)
Nazanin Noori (Live Musikerin)
Robert Borgmann
123 CEREMONY (Robert Borgmann und Nazanin Noori)
Rainer Casper
Amely Joana Haag