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Frenchman James Kent a.k.a. PERTURBATOR was given a lot of music in his cradle from his earliest years, perhaps owing a little to his parents' professions as music critics and journalists.

PERTURBATOR © Valeriya Serpent

Their past in a trance and techno band also influenced Kent from an early age, so he developed an interest in synthesizers very early on. But he originally began his career as a guitarist in numerous black metal bands before increasingly turning to electronic music.

The sound of PERTURBATOR offers deep, powerful and unique synth-inspired music that takes the music of the 80s into a dystopian and chaotic future, and on the current album "New Model" marks entirely a sublunar point of the dark electro project.

Together with the American electro-industrial rock band HEALTH and the one-man project AUTHOR & PUNISHER from San Diego, PERTURBATOR will provide a deeply dark but also bass-heavy evening.  

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