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Queen Luises Landglück

The Peacock Island and Paretz were for King Frederick William III. and Queen Luise's longing. Far away from the residences Berlin and Potsdam they spent here, often with their children and a few staff, carefree summer days. The stay on the peacock island took place preferably in the months of June and July.

Pfaueninsel-Service, Detail © SPSG
Pfaueninsel-Service, Detail © SPSG © SPSG

The days of late summer, with the culmination of Thanksgiving, were reserved for Paretz. Both estates became memorial sites for the family after Luise's early death in 1810. And both castles have preserved works of art that are directly related to the queen and life in the midst of rural idyll.

The castle on Peacock Island was closed in the fall of 2018 to prepare the urgently needed shell restoration. Selected exhibits from the Peacock Island Castle, which also correspond to the interior and character of Schloss Paretz, will be a guest at Schloss Paretz for a number of years.

Thus, parts of the KPM service with bird painting, ordered by the then Crown Princess Luise in 1797 probably for Paretz, presented on a set table. The fashion of that time is represented by four hats made of chipboard, straw, artificial flowers and silk. Since about 1840 they were kept in the castle on the peacock island in a closet. They may have been worn by Queen Luise or her daughters. Interesting is also a board game, Collosseum and tunnel game called the King Frederick William III. especially for the - sometimes rainy - summer stays in the castle.

Delightful is the combination of three paintings by Franz Hillner, which have been presented separately for many years. The views of the castle and the village of Paretz, which were created around 1800, are now supplemented in the same room by a panorama of the peacock island created at the same time. Since 1836 at the latest, the ensemble has decorated the bedroom of King Frederick William III. in the Royal Palace Unter den Linden (Kronprinzenpalais). All three paintings are a permanent loan from the House of Hohenzollern, HRH Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, at the Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg.
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