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From 25.08. to 03.09.2023 it's time to "move on!" again in the Kranzler Eck. 10 films in 10 days invite you to relax and enjoy the film. This year the summer cinema will again take place in the passage between Kurfürstendamm and Kantstraße.

Admission is free as usual.

The film program starts on August 25 with “Monsieur Claude and his big party”. The following day, the main characters in "Bibi & Tina - Simply Different" experience an exciting adventure. Also presented are some dramas such as Spencer (which follows the life of Lady Diana), Next Door (Daniel Brühl's directorial debut) and Reminiscence (starring Hugh Jackman). Action movie fans can look forward to The Matrix 4 (starring Keanu Reeves). Those who like to laugh will enjoy "Help, the children are back" and the German tragic comedy "My Son" with Anke Engelke. Music lovers should not miss the musical "In the Heights". Another animated film, “The Wolf and the Lion”, is also showing – the second children's film in the program.

Before going to the cinema, the shops, cafés and restaurants in the Kranzler Eck Berlin invite you to a comprehensive experience of shopping pleasure and culinary delights.
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