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The worlds most spectacular Queen Tribute Show - feat. Marc Matel

After a successful first tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, "One Vision of Queen feat. Marc Martel" returns in autumn 2023! The grandiose tribute show around the vocal reincarnation of Freddie Mercury - who doesn't need a moustache, yellow leather jacket or other Freddie accessories - will continue to delight fans of all ages.

"Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?", that may have been what one or the other of the audience thought when they heard Marc Martel sing live for the first time on his tour with "One Vision of Queen" 2020. The astonishing vocal similarity to Freddie Mercury is undeniable by now and amazes the whole world.

ONE VISION OF QUEEN feat. Marc Martel

This is exactly how Roger Taylor (Queen original drummer) must have been astonished when he saw Martel's application video for the official Queen Tribute Show "Queen Extravaganza" 9 years ago and heard the voice of his passed away band mate from the mouth of another person.

Since then, Marc Martel's career has gone uphill, touring the globe with his own Queen shows and paying tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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