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Young Euro Classic 2023

The charismatic conductor Cristian Mandeal, who has been a source of great enthusiasm at Young Euro Classic in recent years, is turning 75. This year, he is once again giving the Berlin audience the opportunity to give him and the musicians plenty of applause to mark the occasion. The programme mixes the familiar and the unfamiliar in a tried and tested manner.

Works performed:

  • Stephan Stoyanovic - "Hydra" (2023)
  • Francis Poulenc - Concerto for two pianos and orchestra in D minor
  • Franz Schubert - Symphony in C major D 944 ("Great")

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Additional information

Educational Services
Participating artists
Nationales Jugendorchester Rumäniens
Cristian Mandeal (Dirigent)
Cristian Niculescu (Klavier)
Oxana Corjos (Klavier)