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The next edition of Musikfest Berlin is scheduled to take place from August 26 to September 18, 2023. Experience Berlin's great orchestras and choirs and guest ensembles from Europe and other continents at this essential component of European musical life.

In August, Musikfest Berlin will once again open the Berlin concert season as an international orchestra festival, with guest orchestras and ensembles as well as soloists from all over the world and Berlin's major orchestras.

Musikfest Berlin - classical music highlight

With the Musikfest Berlin, the Berliner Festspiele and the Stiftung Berliner Philharmoniker, together with their international partners, provide a fireworks display of top-class classical concerts every year at the start of the Berlin classical music season.

Among others, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra for the opening, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Collegium Vocale Gent and the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra.

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The full program will be released in April 2023.

Each year in late summer, the Berliner Festspiele Orchestra Festival marks the spectacular start of the Berlin concert season.

Top international orchestras, instrumental and vocal ensembles, together with the major symphony orchestras of the city of Berlin, present an ambitious festival program, each with a different thematic focus.    

Highlight of the Musikfest Berlin    
  • Great orchestras, vocal and instrumental ensembles and many soloists
  • Famous stars and promising newcomers
  • Current premieres and first performances
  • International co-productions    
Along with opera, theater and cinema, the orchestra is one of the most complex, largest and most multifaceted "machines" that Western culture has produced for the production of performances and emotions.

The variety of orchestral formations that exist today has expanded significantly under the influence of modern technologies and with knowledge of historical performance practices.

The festival, which lasts about three weeks, is therefore dedicated not only to the symphonic repertoire, but in particular to the significant, rare, forgotten, unusual and new works from history and the present.    

The Musikfest Berlin sees itself as a forum for the innovative artistic work of the major orchestras and ensembles of international musical life.

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