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These are the Twenties. With original music by Gottfried Huppertz, German Text, English Subtitles

Like no other film, METROPOLIS represents the heyday of the German silent film made in Berlin - Babelsberg. Electricity got things moving, lighting up the nights and the asphalt.

The engine drove the car and the airplane, and the lift grew the skyscrapers. The cinematograph threw the vision / illusion of a future metropolis on the white walls of the cinema palaces and the people rose from the catacombs and demanded his fair share.

A new era was born and is brought to life on the gold-framed canvas by the Babylon Orchestra Berlin in Babylon, built in 1929 in old/new splendor.

Metropolis. With original music by Gottfried Huppertz
LIVE accompanied by the Babylon Orchester Berlin

Metropolis, D 1927
R: Fritz Lang
with Brigitte Helm, Alfred Abel
151 Min., OemU


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