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Kay Ray Show

By vocation and passion, and for almost 30 years, Kay Ray has been the hardest working man in showbiz. An expert who would sell his grandma for a gag - or at least Claudia Roth. A divine juggler, a joker without fear or reproach. An ever-changing natural talent.

Kay Ray
Kay Ray © Andreas Elsner

A provocateur who helped shape and influence the entire genre. Kay Ray is the ringing prank made flesh: provocation and poetry! Trash and tabula rasa! Experiment and ecstasy! Anarchy and amour fou! Klamauk and cabaret!

Comedy and chanson! As a singer he reaches our hearts, as a clown every diaphragm and as a provocateur every small mind. No one is safe from his jokes and his magic. That's what makes him so different. And it makes his shows so different - night after night.

(Program in German)

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