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Also this year the big colorful juggler festival takes place at the Spandau Citadel! The audience can expect a colorful market hustle and bustle on the imposing fortifications of the citadel. Craftsmen and traders take you back to the Middle Ages and offer their wares for sale.

The audience can be carried away by the historical sounds of the minstrels "Ohrenpeyn" and can marvel at the daredevil tricks and the rousing jugglery of the "Schmierenkomödianten" and "Opus Furore".

Numerous taverns and taverns take care of the physical well-being of the people and spoil the palate with hearty and sweet dishes. The young people can have fun on the hand-operated carousel and Ferris wheel or try themselves in the juggler school.

A little trip back in time to the truly magical world of the Middle Ages!

In addition, all museums and exhibitions of the Spandau Citadel (except the Bat Cellar), can be visited during their opening hours, without additional obolus!

Come by and be enchanted!