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guided garden tour with Palace Manager Anke Berkhoff, SPSG

The island, whose design as a Gesamtkunstwerk began under Frederick William II before 1800, developed in the course of the 19th century under his son Frederick William III into what was then considered a paradisiacal place.

Here, not only European models but also imaginative and Eurocentric ideas about distant island worlds in the South Pacific were reflected - both in the garden and in the architecture.

The palace and the Meierei are still witnesses of this time. Only a few fragments of the palm house and the menagerie, which once housed southern plants and exotic animals, exist.

The courtly staff at that time included people of short stature and conspicuously tall people, a black servant and a "sandwich Islander". The walk with castle director Anke Berkhoff reveals the history of the island, its inhabitants and takes a critical look at the forms of appropriation of non-European cultures at that time.

In the context of the theme year "Elector - Emperor - Colonies
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