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From 1907 to 1935, Claire Waldoff was the star of the big cabarets and variety theatres - and not just in Berlin. Her songs were sung or whistled on the street, by dustmen and millionaires. Every child knew "Hermann heeisst er!", "Wer schmeißt denn da mit Lehm?" or "Sein Milieu".

Claire Waldoff struck a chord with people like no other, because she wanted to "sing about life" - about the worries and hardships, the joys and complications that life brings with it.

Even before the age of the "new woman" was proclaimed, she took all the liberties she could think of. And everyone loved her for it. She was a bundle of energy, a prankster and provoked enthusiastic bursts of laughter. Without her, the so-called "Golden Twenties" would have been a lot poorer...

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