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The award-winning Australian company Circa will present four pieces at Chamäleon as part of a four-month residency. With Humans 2.0, Yaron Lifzschitz stages an avant-garde sister of the performance firework Humans, which is completely accompanied by compositions by electro guru Ori Lichtik (Sharon Eyal, LEV).

Circa - Humans 2.0 (Show im Chamäleon Berlin)
Circa - Humans 2.0 (Show im Chamäleon Berlin) © Justin Ma

The empty stage set reduces the performance to the essentials: The physicality of the ten acrobats and the dense, electrifying movement sequences that they create together. Somewhere between circus and dance.

The driving electro-beat of the soundtrack becomes the metronome of a 70-minute tour de force, in which complex movements flow seamlessly into one another and the audience can't keep its mouth shut with amazement. Joyful and searching, the performers explore their own strength and vulnerability and celebrate what it means to be human.

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Participating artists
Yaron Lifschitz (Regisseur)
Ori Lichtik (Komponist/in)
Chamäleon Theater (in den Hackeschen Höfen)
Chamäleon Theater (in den Hackeschen Höfen)