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The documentation "Hitler – wie konnte es geschehen" covers three floors of the 6,500 square meter bunker at Anhalter Bahnhof. How could it happen that so many chose Hitler? How did he become a Nazi? How did he come to power?

Berlin Story Bunker
Berlin Story Bunker © Berlin Story Bunker Historiale e.V. / Berlin Story Bunker

How did anti-Semitism lead to concentration camps and the Holocaust? Why did generals and soldiers participate until the end?

Replica of his bunker room in original size, a model of the Fuhrerbunker, photos, documents, films.


  • German
  • English
about 90 min +

opening hours
Mon - Sun 10am - 7pm; last admission 18 o'clock

Important additional information

The "Documentation Hitler - how could it happen" is located in a bunker from the Second World War, so it is not set up for wheelchair users and prams.

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Additional information
Last admission 5.30 pm

Texts in DE and EN, audio guide in DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, DK, NL for 1,50 €


Unfortunately, the bunker is not suitable for wheelchair users.