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Protest movement and urban renewal in Kreuzberg SO 36

Debris, reconstruction, demolition of old buildings, squatting, urban renewal, Gentrification, new forms of protest. Everything chic in Kreuzberg? A question of perspective, because the changes since 2002 are impressive: the consequences of neo-liberal urban development policy, winners and losers, tourist flows, event culture and outrage.

In der Ausstellung "Geschichte wird gemacht" © Ellen Röhner/FHXB Museum
In der Ausstellung "Geschichte wird gemacht" © Ellen Röhner/FHXB Museum © Ellen Röhner/FHXB Museum

Our participative permanent exhibition was conceived and realized from 2001 to 2003 by more than 60 Kreuzberg women from all social backgrounds. Only a decade later, Kreuzberg changed and the FHXB Museum expanded the material accordingly, revised it and made it available in German and English. The Kreuzberg model is now being filled with new content and related to current questions of "glocality" - the impact of global processes at the local level. A project of the association for research and representation of the history of Kreuzberg e. V.
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