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Game for families with children from 6 to 12 years (Language: German)

Queen Luise is receiving a state visit and chambermaid Sophie has a problem: everyone at court must work together and plan a feast befitting the dignity of the distinguished guests. What can the chef, the court dressmaker, the governess and others contribute to the feast? And what can they do to meet the Queen's wish for "something completely new"?

Glanz und Gloria. Festplanung mit der Kammerzofe Sophie
Glanz und Gloria. Festplanung mit der Kammerzofe Sophie © SPSG / Peter Adamik

Sophie feels overwhelmed, because coordinating the wayward courtiers would actually be her mistress's job. However, the Lord Chamberlain is in bed with a cold ... Fortunately, the participants in the game can help: They take on the roles of the various court officials and, on their tour of the castle rooms and halls, find out what they can redevelop for the festival.

The game is designed as a rally. The families are greeted individually at the entrance by the chambermaid, given task sheets and walk through the New Wing on their own. Children should already be able to read or need the support of their parents. The game can be started at any time during the specified period and lasts about one hour.

Participation of adults only when accompanied by children. We ask for your understanding!
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Price: €12.00

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