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During the economic boom of post-war Germany, nobody wanted to be associated with the issues: the Nazi-crimes of the past, the rupture of civilisation and the Holocaust. The murders were banished from memory, but the pain remained.

And even today, nobody wants to be reminded of what was and is their own part in this story – especially by "Fremde", by strangers or foreigners. But there are children growing up in this country, marked as foreign, as migrants, as people who had better be nobody, because their I might threaten the We of the so-called German majority society.

In "Fremd", Michel Friedman tells the autobiographical story of such a child: a migrant, Jewish, born into a family of Shoah-survivors. The child tries to find their place in the world despite family trauma, the pressure to assimilate and racism.

SIBEL KEKILLI is one of the most internationally renowned German actors. "Fremd" is her theatre debut.

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Participating artists
von Michel Friedman (Autor/in)
Sibel Kekilli
Max Lindemann
Janina Kuhlmann
Luna Zscharnt
Hans Fründt
Johannes Nölting