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Under the motto "Forest - One for All", the Straße des 17. Juni between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column will be transformed into an ecological and culinary experience mile for the 29th time.

In addition to an entertaining and informative stage programme, over 200 exhibitors will be presenting their ideas and projects on nature, climate and environmental protection, upcycling, the circular economy, energy and water transition, organic farming, sustainable tourism, alternative mobility, education for sustainable development and much more at the UMWELTFESTIVAL at the Brandenburg Gate.

The Let's Talk Lounge at the Soviet Memorial offers a platform for creative actors and the stage at the Brandenburg Gate will alternate between talks, award ceremonies and cultural acts.  A variety of organic food stalls will cater for your physical well-being.

The ENVIRONMENTAL FESTIVAL is an experience for all the senses, for young and old, free and outdoors.
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