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As a composer and conductor in one, Sir George Benjamin has played a role in the development of contemporary music over the past few decades that can hardly be overestimated. A circumstance that was honored this year with the renowned Ernst von Siemens Music Prize. With two concerts, on 2.9. and 3.9., he will be a guest at the Berlin Music Festival together with the Ensemble Modern, which has grown dear to him.

Performed Works:

Edgard Varèse Octandre for seven wind instruments and double bass

Saed Haddad Mirage, Mémoire, Mystère for string quartet

Maurice Ravel's Three Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé

Anna Prohaska soprano

Johann Sebastian Bach The Art of Fugue BWV 1080: Canon in Hypodiapason and Contrapunctus 7 (Arrangement for Ensemble by George Benjamin)

Arnold Schönberg Chamber Symphony No. 1 Op. 9

An event of the Berliner Festspiele / Musikfest Berlin, with the kind support of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

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