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by William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Four young lovers flee from the strict laws of Athens and get lost in a forest full of spirits and elves, get caught in the maelstrom of their desires and passions, dream of heaven and fall into the abyss.

On Midsummer's Eve, the spirits of nature whirl everything upside down and play their mischievous tricks on people, shattering all the rules and reshuffling the deck. A sensual, turbulent round dance that contrasts the uniform civil society with the exotic jungle. As always, accompanied by magical live music, sung and played with devotion by the ensemble.

Language: German

  • Director: Mathias Schönsee
  • Music: Bernd Medek
  • Set design: Ira Storch and Katharina Piriwe
  • Dramaturgy: Christian Leonard
  • Production management: Victoria Stowasser

Supported by the NEUSTART KULTUR program with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation.
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