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Brunhilde Pomsel, born 1911, Berlin citizen. Works for a Jewish lawyer in the early 1930s and then as secretary to Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. This grandiose solo is based on an interview Brunhilde Pomsel gave at the age of 102 (!) years. She tells with excellent recollection from her life and from this time at the side of the sinister master of propaganda.

Ein deutsches Leben
Ein deutsches Leben © DERDEHMEL/Urbschat

The testimony of a life here in Germany in the blossoming of Berlin, but also a close-up view of power in its darkest hour.

With Brigitte Grothum as Brunhilde Pomsel, secretary of Joseph Goebbels

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Henrik Kairies (Musik)
Philip Tiedemann (Inszenierung)
Brigitte Grothum (mit)