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»And now you’ve finally made it. You’re fifty-nine and a home owner. When Ümit finishes school in a few years and you can finally leave Germany, that cold, heartless country, then this flat will be here with your name on the bell.«

End of the 90s. An apartment in Istanbul. A death. Hüseyin worked hard in Germany for thirty years to spend his twilight years in a flat of his own. Alone in the flat, with everything prepared for the move, he dies of a heart attack.

The family comes together for the funeral. There are the children Sevda, Hakan, Peri and Ümit and there’s Emine, who spent her entire life at Hüseyin’s side. But what is a family, really? Is having the same parents really enough to connect people? What do we know about each other and what don’t we? What are the unspoken things, what is kept secret and yet always there?

Fatma Aydemir plumbs the depths of that which we call fam ily in her novel Dschinns. Again and again, the events of the time play into that which is told, make up the undertow of a story which is overpowering in its intensity. And there is always the suspicion that everything is actually determined by dark secrets.

Premiere on 17. February 2023

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Melek Erenay
Nurkan Erpulat
Turgut Kocaman
Johannes Kirsten