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Can one seriously earn a doctorate in pop music? Yes! Then what do you do with it? A music-comedy stand-up show. Dr. Pop is a doctor of music. He treats with music samples and fascinating musical facts. In his live program "Hitverdächtig", Dr. Pop deciphers the music that can save a party, a relationship and even a life.

Dr. Pop
Dr. Pop Marvin Ruppert

The audience gets amazingly funny answers to questions like: Which music boosts the libido or the motivation to exercise? Which music makes you smart and which one mentally deaf? Why do termites bite through wood twice as fast when they listen to heavy metal? And why do ten people sit at their laptop and not one at their guitar for a hit these days?

Dr. Pop completes the last, missing Spotify playlist and musically rebels against the threatening WLAN failure. In his show, he fires samples of familiar and new hits from music history - from hiphop, rock, pop, hits to classical music and jazz. Dr. Pop makes it audible: there's the right hit for every life situation.

Suspected hits - the music-comedy stand-up show for all who love music.

Program in German

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