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On meanwhile three records and one EP - last year "Rose Pink Cadillac" was released - Dope Lemon presents his mixture of bluesy-psychedelic sounds and folky rock. The songwriting is simple and direct, as with all Stones projects, yet subtle.

Live, however, as Dope Lemon proved most recently on their caught-up tour last fall, cool slackerism suddenly becomes exciting rock. That's because of the fantastic band Stone has with him. While he himself stands at the edge of the stage with bass or harmonica in hand, his boys support him perfectly.

First and foremost, bandleader and guitarist Rohin Brown from The Walking Who, with whom Stone initiated and developed the whole project, not only plays his instrument excellently and with distinctly polished techniques, but also, together with the likewise very tight rhythm section around drums and percussion, sets the accents at the right moments. Just so that Angus Stone can fully play his qualities as a frontman and crooner.

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