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The three robbers

A puffed-up muscleman (robber Jajaja), an unkempt potbelly (robber Fettsack) and a squeaky-clean sinister (robber Zwinkerauge) are "The Three Robbers". During their dreaded raids, they accumulate vast amounts of stolen goods and constantly get into arguments about the distribution of their treasures. One night, however, the little orphan girl Tiffany enters their lives and confronts them with the question of the meaning of their actions.

Szene Die drei Räuber
Szene Die drei Räuber © Jörg Metzner

In fact, a touch of conversational culture and personal hygiene slowly enters the robbers' den. But when Tiffany challenges the robbers to rethink their philosophy of life, they react stubbornly and grimly - and in the end must painfully realize that it is precisely the important things in life that money cannot buy.

Director Kay Dietrich takes up the primal power of Tomi Ungerer's classic picture book, but also casts a socially critical eye on the action: How do we treat each other? What goals do we pursue? Are we really happy with what we accumulate in the course of our lives? The whimsical characters of the three robbers and whirlwind Tiffany also provide opportunities for joyful laughter again and again!

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
Jasper Diederich (Licht und Ton)
Kay Dietrich (Regie)
Franziska Hartmann (Maske)
Guylaine Hemmer (Ensemble)
Franziska Keune (Bühnen- und Kostümbild)
Sonja Keßner (Dramaturgie)
Sabine Liebisch (Ensemble)
Thomas Lotz (Musikalische Leitung)
Mathieu Pelletier (Ensemble)
Marie Rautenberg (Regieassistenz)
Thomas Sutter (Komposition und Liedtexte)
ATZE Musiktheater - Studiobühne
ATZE Musiktheater - Studiobühne