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By Mark Kuntz - Stage version by Kai-Uwe Holsten with Johannes Hallervorden

A humorous evening about the pitfalls of smoking.

Der letzte Raucher
Der letzte Raucher © DERDEHMEL/Urbschat

Have most of your friends and acquaintances already stopped smoking? Only you haven't quite succeeded yet?  Then you'll feel like our' last smoker', who is sent to the balcony by the host to smoke at a party... to find out after a cigarette length that the announced' to move around the houses' unfortunately just takes place without him. Locked out, he spends the ice-cold night on the balcony...

Luckily he has (almost) enough cigarettes and crazy stories in stock to survive the hard hours - even if only very scarce... and a box of good wine is quite helpful. Apart from some attempts to break out, such a night can, our smoker comforts himself, even lead to the fact that you' find out a lot about yourself'.... 

(Program in German)
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Participating artists
Irene Christ (Regie)
Viola Matthies (Kostüm)
Johannes Hallervorden (mit)
Schlosspark Theater