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Wie ich wurde, was ich wurde

What do you think? Can you tell "whether someone who sits in prison, and not just once but often, is a good person or a bad person"?

With his Köpenickiade, to break the vicious circle of "no work -> no apartment -> no passport -> no work...", Wilhelm Voigt showed in a charming, almost humorous way that senseless obedience is not a good basis for our living together. In the play, it is Marie, Wilhelm's sister, who tells the story. She tells of her childhood: of her father, whom the war left broken, of her mother, who was powerless and helpless, and of her beloved brother Wilhelm. "Keener Fliege konnte meen Willem wat zu Leide tun.

The gravity of the themes is cleverly broken up in the production by the music, choreography, stage and costume design constantly challenging each other. In the process, they create absurd and comic moments. Lightness and ridiculousness lie close together in many elements of the production.

But what does this mean? Is the fate of Wilhelm Voigt funny or tragic? Does one know at the end whether the false captain is a good or a bad man? Children and adults can try to find out the answer on the way home or as a follow-up discussion in class...

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Sinem Altan (Musikalische Leitung)
Jasper Diederich (Ton)
Anna Dobis (Kostümbild)
Irene Fas Fita (Choreographie)
Sebastian Härter (Regieassistenz)
Ulv Jakobsen (Bühnenbild)
Hartwig Nikola (Ton)
Thomas Sutter (Regie)
Aaron Vorpahl (Licht)
Thomas Sutter (Autor/in)