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Fairy tale theater from 4 years

7 at one stroke! Even if they were only flies, our tailor decides that the whole world should know. On his daring journey he outwits giants, catches a 1 unicorn and a wild boar. Nothing is too hard for the Brave Little Tailor, not even the unwilling princess ... A wonderful fairy tale for young and old heroes!

Das tapfere Schneiderlein
Das tapfere Schneiderlein © IVE

This year, too, the Heckmann courtyards will be transformed into an open-air stage with a very special charm. In case of rain, the play will take place in the theater.

(Program in German)

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Educational Services
Participating artists
Johannes Galli (Autor/in)
Michael Summ (Komponist/in)
Thomas Matuszewski (Das tapfere Schneiderlein)
Rainer Eckhardt (Riese/ König/ Wildschwein)
Sina Haarmann (Riese/ Einhorn/ Diener/ Mußfrau)
Galli Theater Berlin