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As Claire enters her sister's fashion blog and interviews the founder of a new label, there is a political uproar, and she gets more and more caught up in the haze of right-wing populist protagonists and thoughts.

Katja Hiller
Katja Hiller © Jörg Metzner

In this concentrated monologue, author Kirsten Fuchs describes the effect of right-wing slogans. Together with her protagonist Claire, she explores the limits of tolerance and freedom of expression and uncovers the contempt for human beings behind harmless statements. Katja Hiller not only plays along with the politically naive fashion blogger Claire, but also the views of her neighbours. It invites the audience to a risky rollercoaster ride of emotions and arguments and leads us into the history of radicalization and its consequences.
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Participating artists
Tim Egloff (Regie)
Lea Kissing (Bühne und Kostüme)
Ute Volknant (Dramaturgie)
Ellen Uhrhan (Theaterpädagogik)
Katja Hiller (Darstellerin)
Johannes Gehlmann (Musiker)
GRIPS Theater: GRIPS Podewil
GRIPS Theater: GRIPS Podewil