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Young Euro Classic 2022

Seek and you shall find: Under the title "I'll Look Around" the Bundesjazzorchester (BuJazzO) dedicates itself to the touching songs of Billie Holiday. The young musicians will be assisted by Michael Gibbs, one of the few big band composers and arrangers whose voice is considered unmistakable in jazz. With the BuJazzO, the grand master continues the work he began in 2013 with the NDR Bigband. Titles from Gibbs' private archive round out the exclusive program, which can only be experienced in Germany at Young Euro Classic.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Bundesjazzorchester
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A must-see event for all jazz fans!

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Michael Gibbs (Künstlerische Leitung und Klavier)
Konzerthaus Berlin - Großer Saal