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What do you really want to have done? What must you not miss out on? What is an essential part of life? On a bucket list, you note down all the things you would like to do before you »kick the bucket«. After all, you don’t want life to pass you by!

It’s not just about personal life goals but also about having been there: The new travel destination everyone’s talking about? Been there! The new sport everyone’s trying? Know it! But it’s an exclusive circle, this dazzling world full of possibilities and special treats. For without privilege, this world would be a scary place! That’s why paradise must be shielded from the outside world; it must be closed off.

Who has a bucket list? Happy, young, good-looking people! Having spare time is great. And what is particularly nice is that everyone can afford to have a fickle moral compass. Which means that even the most alluring lifestyle isn’t free of conflict-ridden relationships: jealousy and emotional drama can poison the most beautiful retreat. Will that holiday beach turn into a nightmare? Even carefree wealth can lead to claustrophobic constrictions. Exactly what are these damaged people capable of?

In her musical »Bucket List«, Yael Ronen creates a tableau of eccentric characters who, even as they are satirised, are also given conciliatory and humorous aspects. She has devised this new show together with the ensemble and the songwriter Shlomi Shaban.

Yael Ronen was born in Jerusalem in 1976. She is one of the most important theatre makers in Israel. She has also been active in Germany for many years. Ronen studied playwriting at HB Studio in New York and directing at the Seminar Hakibbutzim in Tel Aviv. Yael Ronen first brought plays she developed in Israel to the Schaubühne as part of FIND. Together with the ensemble, and working with both Palestinian and Israeli actors, she presented the plays »Dritte Generation« (»Third Generation«, 2009) and »The Day Before the Last Day« (2011) here. Now she is returning to the Schaubühne and will be regularly developing productions with the ensemble.

Additional information
Participating artists
Yael Ronen (Regie)
Shlomi Shaban (Songwriting und Komposition)
Magda Willi (Bühne)
Amit Epstein (Kostüme)
Amit Epstein (Kostüme) Yaniv Fridel (Musikalische Leitung und Komposition)
Ofer (OJ) Shabi (Musikalische Leitung und Komposition)
Stefano Di Buduo (Video)
Irina Szodruch (Dramaturgie)
Martín Valdés-Stauber (Dramaturgie)
Erich Schneider (Licht)
Moritz Gottwald
Carolin Haupt
Damian Rebgetz
Ruth Rosenfeld Thomas Moked Blum
Amir Bresler
Hila Kulik/Shatzky