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Letter Museum

The Buchstabenmuseum presents analog plastic letters. Letters that had drawn attention mainly to businesses in the urban environment. Letters that were created and visibly displayed mainly for advertising purposes. The history of commerce, advertising, urban history, language, writing, typography, design, craftsmanship and much more meet in the letters. In the museum the letters are collected, preserved and documented as signs of past eras. The museum is a place of remembrance, but also of impulses for current discussions.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Buchstabenmuseum
© Franziska Schönberne

The basis of the huge fund is the private collection of Barbara Dechant, designer from Vienna. Hundreds of letters were saved by her from disappearing. At present, the store has more than 2,000 objects. An important part of the museum's work is documentation. For each lettering, logo and letter, the history of its creation is researched.
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