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A Conversation with a Cultural Icon II

In the summer of 1976, pop star David Bowie moves from Los Angeles to Berlin. Why Berlin? In fact, he created radically new music in Berlin in the following two years, recorded both an anthem and a legendary album with “Heroes”, made a curious ‘Weimar-era’ film with “Just a Gigolo”, and then disappeared into the pop-synthetic eighties. Today, the three albums of the so-called `Berlin Trilogy´ are considered the artistic highlight of his career.

With a performative mixture of music, dance and text, “Bowie in Berlin” – as the second part of the series `Conversations with a Cultural Icon´ –  explores the area where pop touches our lives: as music, as film, as art, as an attitude to life.

With his creative curiosity, David Bowie went through very different artistic phases in the course of his long career, thus appealing to a new audience each time, and ultimately even to a new generation.

Nowadays, David Bowie is no longer just a pop star, but an important artist, to whom renowned museums dedicated a major exhibition ten years ago. Berlin officials even had a plaque placed on his home in Schöneberg.

Somehow, Bowie touches everyone. How? What does he have to say? What makes him a pop star, what makes him an artist? And why Berlin?

(Program in English)

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Additional information
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds
Participating artists
Heike Breitmayer (Kostümdesign)
Olivia Dean (Schauspielerin)
Tomas Fitzpatrick (Bühnendesign)
Maureen Gleason (Schauspielerin)
Günther Grosser (Konzept & Regie)
Daniel Janke (Musik)
Daniel Janke (Schauspieler)
Katri Kuusimäki (Lichtdesign)
Ben Maddox (Schauspieler)
Angharad Matthews (Schauspielerin)
Stefania Migliorati (Fotografie)
Jeffrey Mittleman (Schauspieler)
Rose Nolan (Stage Management & Regie Asisstenz)
Rebecca Shein (Video)