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As part of the eat! berlin gourmet festival, four wine luminaries will take to the stage of the THEATER IM PALAIS BERLIN for an exciting blind tasting. Six different wines are to be tasted blind: by three sommeliers, one sommelier – and by you. The professionals exchange ideas about flowers, fruits, structures and finishes; the audience is allowed to guess quietly.

Sensationally, the following will be on stage:

Nancy Großmann, sommelier at the three-star Restaurant Rutz;

Anna Hernandez-Götz, sommelière and deputy restaurant manager at the Michelin-starred restaurant Tulus Lotrek;

Sabine Panzer, host and sommelier at Brikz, a neighborhood favorite eat! Berlin teams and

Mathias Brandweiner, sommelier and head of the harbor kitchen, previously at Ducasse, Gagnaire, Le Faubourg and Pots.

The evening will be moderated by journalist Kai Röger, who ran the Tagesspiegel Genuss pages for many years.

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Nancy Grossmann
Anna Hernandez-Götz
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