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When it comes to altitude, you can’t top Marzahn-Hellersdorf: where else can you enjoy a more breathtaking view of Berlin and Brandenburg!

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Berlin aus der Vogelperspektive
© Jan Frontzek

Skywalk Marzahn
Take the lift up to the 21st floor of the block at Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße 40/42 where you can climb up onto the spectacular new viewing platform called the “Skywalk”. 70 metres above the ground the wind blows in your face and far away you can see the sparkling sphere of the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz. If you’re not afraid of heights, you might dare step out onto the mesh balcony that juts out a few metres beyond the wall of the tower block into thin air – and risk a look down between your feet directly over Marzahner Promenade. You’ll need sturdy shoes, of course, but the visit is free and accompanied by an expert skywalk guide. You’ll need to book the tour in advance, and it takes an hour.


Like a cloud over the tops of the trees of the Kienberg, the new observation tower is perched. The "Wolkenhain" is not only a widely visible landmark of the Gardens of the World area - the building is also a testament to civil engineering. The spectacular construction consists of about 170 steel knots which hold together the bracing of the cloud. The cloud, consisting of a translucent membrane, rests on slender steel supports which are arranged irregularly, like the trunks, in a tree branch. At night the cloud illuminates discreetly from within.The "Wolkenhain" not only offers a comprehensive view of the Gardens of the World area at around 120 meters above sea level. From here the visitors can look up to the television tower in Berlin's city center and on the other side far into Brandenburg. The ascent into the cloud is possible via stairs, mobility-restricted visitors are available for an elevator.

Wolke Sieben. Dining with panoramic views over Berlin

Like a cloud, the "Wolkenhain" seems to float above the Kienberg. After the ascent, the "Wolke Sieben" café is the perfect place to recharge with light meals.The integrated panorama restaurant at the foot of the Wolkenhain also offers a breathtaking view of the Berlin skyline. The café offers traditional specialties, homemade cakes, tasty sandwiches and light snacks.

A cable car for Berlin

Berlin has a real cable car crossing the grounds of the gardens of the world. Visitors to the gardens can experience everything from a bird's eye view. The barrier-free cabins rise up at the entrance to the underground station "Kienbergpark - Gardens of the World" and ascend to the 102-metre-high summit of the Kienberg to the Wolkenhain. After a stopover, the cable car goes back down to the main entrance at Blumberger Damm.
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