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A guest event with and organized by the ambitious amateur choir Berliner Figuralcho. With its 65 members, the ensemble has long been included in the concert calendar of the Philharmonic Chamber Music Hall. Originally founded as the choir of the Lindenkirche, the choir mainly specializes in works from the 17th and early 18th centuries. Artistic director is currently Gerhard Oppelt.

Work performed:

Johann Sebastian Bach: Mass in B minor BWV 232


  • Berlin Figural Choir
  • Berlin Baroque
  • Gerhard Oppelt Conductor
  • Marie Luise Werneburg soprano
  • Jan Borner Altus
  • Raphael Hoehn tenor
  • Jörg Gottschick baritone

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Participating artists
Berliner Figuralchor
Berlin Baroque
Gerhard Oppelt
Marie Luise Werneburg
Jan Börner
Raphael Höhn
Jörg Gottschick