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Football, bratwurst, beer - that's what a visit to a football stadium offers. But the Berlin AK 07 offers more in its home stadium! The Berliner AK, an association of diversity and culture, strives to create an international experience for its stadium visitors. Apart from the usual snacks and the German national drink, there is also a wide selection of international culinary delights such as tea, ayran, and kofta.

Two fan clubs will be cheering on Berlin's AK 07, based in the iconic Poststadion, in their game against BFC Dynamo. The BAK has been playing in the Northeast Regional League for over 13 years. The club is currently one of four Berlin teams in this league (FC Viktoria Berlin, BFC Dynamo, VSG Altglienicke, Hertha BSC II).

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Berliner Athletik Klub 1907 e.V