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Bike Concerts at the Old Tegel Airport

Truly a unique experience at one of Berlin's most unusual "venues" - the now defunkt runway of the old Tegel Airport:

Multiple musicians play on custom built mobile stages towed behind cargo bikes, while riding down the 3km long runway. The audience rides behind behind the musicians, listening to the live music via wireless headphones. 

The events are presented by silent.move and hosted live in both German and English.

Two different bands will be presented on the 2 different days and there will be no shortage of surprises.

These events are about the collective experience - the culmination of music, space, expansiveness and absurdity.

The tours last approximately 75 minutes and cover a distance of approximately 9 km.

Tegel Airport is a secure premises. There are rules that MUST be followed. We must stay as a group at all times, and must NOT leave the paths. There are areas of active munition and anyone not following these rules will be removed from the premises. You are also required to bring a bike or similar and a hi-vis vest. If this is not possible, please contact us.

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Additional information
Guests are required to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour and must bring their own bike or similar form of mobility and a hi-vis vest. There are tickets available including bike hire if you do not have access to one. We also have a small number of vests available on site if needed. Please let us know if you need one of our vests.

MEETING POINT: next to the bus stop "Urban Tech Republic"

The location has areas of live munition, meaning guests may not leave the paths at any point during the tour and must stay together as a group. Anyone found not following these instructions will be removed from the premises immediately. This also means that the events are not designed for children. There are very real safety dangers for people who do not follow the rules, and children in attendance must therefore remain in child seats or trailers at all times while inside the premises.


These events are moving concerts that require the audience to ride a bike or similar at between 10 and 12km/h for a distance of around 9km. The paths are flat and well kept, however we are not able to stop to wait for people once we are moving.

Participating artists
Tanga Elektra
Scott & Lila