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Where do we come from? Where are we going? And are there enough parking spaces there?

As a little boy, it was still easy to get answers. "'Ask the concierge!' is what they say in France," ALFONS explains. "In case you don't know what that is: La Concierge, it's like a janitor only in nice. They had them in every apartment building in Paris back then. And she always knew: La Concierge was my very first search engine!"

House No. 13 on Rue des Lyonnais also had a concierge, the house ALFONS moved into with his mother when he was little. In the meantime, ALFONS has grown up. And he asks himself much bigger questions: Is the end of mankind already in sight? Or is there still light at the end of the tunnel? And if so, at least an energy-saving lamp?

The search for answers leads the storyteller and Puschel philosopher from the beginnings of mankind to the current crises and, at the same time, always back to the house of his childhood upstairs, downstairs, through the floors of the house in the Rue des Lyonnais.

ALFONS' new program is a touching, typically Alfonsian mélange of solo theater and cabaret; a delight with lasting after-effects: Tears in the eyes, warmth in the heart and hangover in the laughing muscles.

"The Germans' favorite Frenchman" FAZ

"Alfons' seventh stage prank shows once again what a formidable storyteller the cabaret artist Peterfalvi has become. Charming, credible and with a lot of sympathy for his fellow human beings." Hamburger Abendblatt

  • Bavarian Cabaret Prize 2019 German Cabaret Prize 2020
  • German-French Friendship Award of the HomBuch 2021
  • Federal Cross of Merit 2021

(Program in German)

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