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Ausstellung "Einblick ins Geheime"
Ausstellung "Einblick ins Geheime" © BStU / Popa

Access to secrecy

The exhibition on the Stasi documents archive

In June 2018, the exhibition "Insight into Secrets" opened in "House 7" at the Stasi headquarters, with the aim of making the Stasi documents archive and its significance for the present more comprehensible.

Ehem. Stasi-Zentrale

Ruschestraße 103 10365  Berlin

Why and in what way did the Stasi store and process all the information? Why do the files still exist today, what do they contain and what can they show? On four floors, the exhibition tells the story of how the documents were created and uses individual fates to illustrate the effects this could have on those affected.

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