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It still is and always has been the nicest bathtub you could imagine: the Baltic Sea has everything that makes tourists happy. There is sand, beach, surf, water, and ice-cream parlours galore. All that is true in particular for Darß. The peninsula Fischland-Darß stretches out between the Hanseatic cities of Rostock and Stralsund, flanked on the one side by the Baltic Sea, and on the other by the famous 'Bodden', an untouched and wildly beautiful marshland that is home to a plethora of rare birds. Directly along the western beaches, the largest wooded area of the National Park 'Vorpommersche Bodenlandschaft' beckons - here you can combine a stroll along the beach with a run through the forest, if you're so inclined. The beach fronting the artists' village 'Ahrenshoop' on the other hand, is just simply enchanting and a great place to relax and dream.