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Britzer Garten
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Charlottenburger Ziegenhof (Goat Farm)

The Charlottenburg Goat Farm is an animal oasis in a residential area

The Charlottenburg Goat Farm was set up 30 years ago at the instigation of Blockinitiative 128. New buildings were scheduled to be erected on a demolition site, but residents wanted the site to be used as a leisure and recreation area. They managed to persuade the authorities and created a small oasis for relaxation and cooperation in the heart of the city.

Half-timbered buildings with goats

The centrepiece of the courtyard is the timber-framed building, which currently houses the goats Samson and Dima. Visitors are allowed to feed the animals, but only vegetables and cuttings are allowed or, better still, hay and straw. Besides the goats, bantam chickens and a bee colony live on the grounds. Young and old can pitch in at one of the regular volunteer weekends to keep the complex in good order. Admission is free.