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Junge rutscht eine rote Rutsche runter
© GettyImages, Foto: Skynesher

Charlottenburg for Kids

Adventure with the seven dwarfs

The wicked stepmother has already got the poison apple in her hand. Snow White knows nothing about her misfortune. But luckily the Prince is already prepared on his horse. He’ll take Snow White to his castle and rescue her! The playground in the Mommsenstraße is called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and it will invite you to journey into fairy tale land with its lovingly designed wood figures. On the nearly 2,500 square metre playground there is a dwarf house with a baby slide, a dwarf mine with lifts for sand buckets and a dwarf pump to really splash around. While the little ones sit in the baby swing the big ones can run through the Prince’s castle, climb ladders and zoom down slides and climbing poles.

For the really big ones there are two table tennis tables, a basketball court and a football pitch next door. There’s another highlight for kids just ten minutes away: the Spielhaus (play house) Schillerstraße, a pedagogically supervised playground with a colourful range of sport, play and creative and artistic work. The children can ride tricycles or drive a go-cart, walk on stilts, dance, play music, make things or use a computer here.