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Caputh, Caputh Castle, side view from the park.
Caputh, Caputh Castle, side view from the park. © SPSG, Foto: Leo Seidel

Caputh Palace (Schloss Caputh)

Prussian splendor at Lake Templin

Caputh Palace is located not far from Potsdam in the district of Caputh, directly on Lake Templin. It is the only preserved palace from the time of the Great Elector Frederick William (Großer Kurfürst Friedrich Wilhelm 1620-1688). His most glorious period was during the reign of his successor and son Frederick III (Friedrich III. 1657-1713), who had magnificent festivities held there.

Later, the dining hall was furnished with about 7,500 faience tiles, which now shine in full splendour again after the renovation. Also open to visitors are two cavalier rooms, the banqueting hall, the flats of the electoral couple and the porcelain cabinet.

Caputh Castle, Festival Hall
Caputh Castle, Festival Hall © SPSG, Foto: L. Seidel

A small landscape garden extending to the shore lends a picturesque touch to the tree-lined ensemble.

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