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Interior and counter with cakes and ice cream from the Krümelkeks children's café
Counter of Café Krümelkeks in Marzan © Foto: Dominique Müncheberg

Café Krümelkeks

Family café in Marzahn

Ice cream all year round! The operators of Kindercafé Krümelkeks know how best to spoil their little guests. In addition to Italian ice cream specialties, there is also a large breakfast menu and their own cookie factory! Here, big and small café visitors can have their favorite motif printed on their cookie. From vegan cookies to coloring cookies or gift sets, everything is available. But it is not only in the cookie factory that this very special children's café demonstrates artistic craftsmanship: for private celebrations, such as birthdays or christenings, the Krümelkeks children's café conjures up cakes according to all wishes. The decoration for the individual cakes can be composed of photos, fondant and colored creams. And of course there is a large playroom at Café Krümelkeks!